Neighbors: Hooligans

NYC’s Neighbors release “Hooligans” 4 song Digital EP / White Vinyl 7″

Neighbors: Hooligans“Hooligans” is the debut EP from Brooklyn based Neighbors. The album was written and recorded by Noah Stitelman in his apartment, with mixing and additional production work done by Kyle “Slick” Johnson (Modest Mouse, The Hives, Rogue Wave). Paper Brigade released it as a white vinyl 7″ and digital EP on June 22nd, 2010.

Formed in 2009, Neighbors came together following the break up of Stitelman’s former band, Jacksonknife. Joined by Evan Johnson, Brian Harney, Steph McParty and Anne Minor, Neighbors signifies a more focused vehicle for Stitelman’s song writing. Neighbors’ lush, layered blend of synth and guitar, coupled with Stitelman’s stripped down delivery, channels subtle reminders of ’80s UK new wave and ’90s synth pop, but never drowns in a sea of obscure influences from another era


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