The Discordians: Artist Profile

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The Discordians were featured on IR: Australia episode 4 as the featured non rock/pop artist of the episode. Consisting of Lee Pike (left) and Lee Kennedy (right), The Discordians are a Electronica/Trip Hop duo from Mandurah which is a large town about an hour’s travel by train or car south of Perth in Western Australia. The Discordian’s mandate is to perform dazzling trip-pop and bamboozle its listeners both sonically and visually. The Discordians are equal parts space dance, trip hop and steampunk, with an overall spattering of Milky Way aesthetic.

While the duo have been working together for some time, it was only in June 2010 that they performed live in front of a audience for the first time. Their influences include Thomas Dolby, Thom Yorke, Tom Waits, Thomas Stearns Eliot, Thomas Kinkade, Tom Jones, Tom Morello, Tom Cruise, Thomas Edison & Thomas the Tank Engine.

The Discordians directly supplied Erk with their music.