Vital: Airport

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Duranta D. Cook (born December 31 1980 in Vallejo, California, USA), is an indie singer-songwriter that goes by his artist name Vital.

Prior to starting his solo career Vital wanted to be behind the music scene, writing and contributing by recording demos for other musicians in the Bay Area. After being persuaded by the many people he met, he released two EP’s in the genre of Hip Hop + R&B. “I never found my true self while doing what the society expected me to do, I never felt at home doing what’s expected”.

Wanting to experiment more with the music he felt was a better reflection of himself he went into the studio to record his first solo album in the summer of 2008. Now, almost two years later he is anxiously waiting to let the world hear his music.

Vital has a free EP out downloadable on his website below, and a brand new video by Takafumi Tsuchiya aka TAKCOM. I must say it has some of the best visuals I’ve seen in a while, and the music matches perfectly – creating quite the epic headphone and eye pleasing experience.

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