Meursault: Crank Resolutions

From their album All Creatures Will Make Merry on Song, by Toad Records

Meursault: All Creatures Will Make MerryAll Creatures Will Make Merry is the second full length release by Edinburgh’s Meursault, who formed a few years ago when Neil Pennycook started to add musicians to his solo act. He made one abortive start before forming a settled band with Fraser Calder, Chris Bryant and Callum McLeod. The band was augmented by Phillip Quirie, Pete Harvey and Gavin Tarling earlier this year. All Creatures Will Make Merry is denser than Meursault‘s debut album Pissing on Bonfires / Kissing With Tongues. Self recorded at home, and released on Song, by Toad Records, it is a very special album of diverse styles, defying genre classification, largely based around a shifting interplay of electronic and traditional instruments.


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