VOWLS: Waking

From the album In Consonance, Pt. 1
Prepare thyself, musical adventurer, for a trip down this swirling psychedelic rabbit hole from Toronto’s lovely VOWLS. Treading softly on the mossy cool rocks of Beatles “Dear Prudence” and “Tomorrow Never Knows” territory, swinging deftly from the vines of Brian Eno’s ambient jungle wonderland, this is, my dears, music for tripping balls. A magnificent blend of old school instruments and effects, seamlessly combine with modern electronic production techniques to form a consciousness-altering potion of the most pleasant variety. [Music2Ten/IODA]

VOWLS are:
Alex Janssen
Naomi Hocura
Brandon Hocura
Adam Trozzolo

Instruments used:
Mustang bass, Casino guitar, Nord Lead 2X, MicroKorg, Gakken SX-150, Acetone Rhythm Ace, Doepfer Moduar, Korg MS20, Juno 106, bells, Ludwigs, tambourine, gourd shaker, Suzuki Melodion, Obijiano, Macbook, Bass MuRF, Ring Modulator, Hummingbird Repeater, Edamame Delay, Boss DD-3, Boss TR-2, Roland Space Echo, ZVEX Fuzz Factory, Proco Rat, Russian Muff, Korg Kaoss Pad.


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