The Middle East: Artist Profile

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We recently debuted the track “Blood” by Australian band THE MIDDLE EAST over at the Association of Music Podcasting before it appeared here – and now finally have a chance to introduce it at Insomnia Radio on the Daily Dose feed.

The members of The Middle East hail from Townsville, a town situated in the far north of the country and adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef. It is here that the band created and recorded the five songs that make up the “Recordings Of The Middle East”, of which this track “Blood” is a part of.

In this standout track, the band manages to stimulate the mind with instrumentation, conjuring up a lush wintery landscape akin to that created by Loney Dear’s “I Am John”, with a substantial narrative that keeps the listener enthralled during the bell-laden whistling build. The song really opens up halfway in, exploding into a chorus of child-like vocals and takes the listener to emotive heights with a full band dynamic, replete with a touching story about emotional and physical broken bonds.

The beautiful and animated video for the song “Blood” is a perfect example of the imagery and magic fantasy world that The Middle East’s music lives in. The Middle East feature on episode 3 of Insomnia Radio: Australia.