The Hidden Cameras: In the NA

Toronto’s THE HIDDEN CAMERAS are the brainchild of singer/songwriter/guitarist Joel Gibb.  “In The NA” was the first single taken from The Hidden Cameras latest symphonic pop masterpiece ‘Origin: Orphan’. The single finds Gibb playing every instrument except bass and drums.

“I worked more on this song than any in my entire life,” he says. “In the NA” also demonstrates that Gibb’s taste for obscure but evocative wordplay remains as strong as ever, the nonsense syllable of the title, acting as a stand-in for any number of words. “It transcends meaning,” remarks the songwriter. “It’s a variable, like x, y, or z.” (A video for “In the NA” is Origin:Orphan’s first, featuring a phalanx of lab-coated spastics who staff an entropic office in a meadow.)


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