Archeology: White Walls

When Jason Davis and Daniel Walker met at an archaeological research site in Eastern Washington, little did they know how strikingly similar the paths that led to their convergence were.

Both endured childhoods spent confined to wooden pews as son’s of preacher men, suffering at the hands of what they describe as the “hypocrisy and malevolence” of the Christian church. Their anger towards the church, and its doctrine, prompted the pair to independently renounce the faith of their fathers and leave the church. All that time spent in choirs and thumbing through hymnals wasn’t a complete loss though, and while they left theology behind, Davis and Walker cultivated and retained a healthy passion for hymnal harmonies and musical exploration. [Bio]

“White Walls” is the perfect introduction to the band, and a beautifully catchy song that should resonate in your head like a mellow anthem.

*Thanks Riot Act Media!


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