Fists of Love: Go Sky High

From their recently released self-titled EP

Fists of Love Conceived by songwriters Donna Jay Rubin and Chris Schadler upon Rubin’s return from the West coast, Fists of Love began as a three-piece joined by drummer Mathew Arnold (Mallory) in 2008. Cedric Rose soon replaced Arnold on drums and shortly thereafter the band became a four-piece when Mike Weinel (High and Low, Brian Olive) joined on bass. Nearly a year later Mike was replaced by John Curley, and the four continue to play and contribute to Cincinnati’s music scene.

Fists of Love’s sound can be likened to existential drama rock. With sonic in?uences ranging from Bo Diddley to Pink Floyd to The Flaming Lips, they range from psychedelic rock to edgy, dark melodies.


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