Wesley Wolfe: Another Weed

A little more than a week away from his second album release on April 20th – Chapel Hill based bartender by night and songwriter by day, WESLEY WOLFE has apparently been writing great songs you’ve never heard.. and for years at that.

“Storage” is the first official release to be distributed by Odessa Records and has quite a few introspective tracks that are worthy of repeated listens, from the slightly dark snow-laden dream conjured up by “Wintery Mix”, to the Homeric tale featured here, “Another Weed”. The latter is moored with cello flourishes, perfectly timed guitar-work interwoven exquisitely with drums, diminutive yet effective chimes and some pretty superb lyrics and vocals that anchor it all. We’ve read that the album was originally intended as a acoustic guitar and vocal record but a chance meeting with a friend inspired Wes to push the musical envelope a bit, and it definitely pays off here.

Overall, this is a release well worth your time and money. If you are interested in some more sampling, check out Wesley’s page at Odessa Records below:


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