Surrounded: Safe Tomorrow Sun

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Formed back in 2000 through a one-year experimental journey in a remotely located studio in the forested south, Sweden’s SURROUNDED has continued to embrace and nurture their combination of dense instrumentation, orchestral arrangements, surreal lyrics and melodic, crafted compositions.

Initially mainly influenced by “Meddle”-era Pink Floyd and Simon & Garfunkel, contemporary artists like The Flaming Lips, Grandaddy and Built to Spill gradually started having a growing impact on Surrounded’s emerging collection of songs, embodying a colourful spectrum within a soundscape almost overflowing with mellotrons, strings, samples and layers of hushed electric guitars.

When contemplating different tracks on the band’s critically acclaimed albums “Safety In Numbers” and “The Nautilus Years” you may unintentionally find yourself wrapped in either ethereal bliss, fragile beauty or even a noisy, fuzzed-out melancholy. The songs, simultaneously haunting and sedating, usually expand in dreamy bursts instead of hurrying to get to the next catchy chorus while a deep sadness, hard to grasp or define, temporarily gets a fresh shine on its face by a subtle twinkle-of-the-eye optimism and a persevering hypnotic intensity.  [bio]

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