Thunderstorm: Nero Enigma

The title track from their fifth album

Thunderstorm: Nero Enigma After a three years long waiting since the previous “As We Die Alone”, a new chapter of the Doom Metal bible is written and spread to the faithful. “Nero Enigma” is the title and Thunderstorm is the black messiah of this upcoming gospel. In this new work, the style of the band maintains its own Doom Metal identity, but it’s enriched by a more powerful and varied sound, stronger and louder than before, with hints of classic Heavy Metal, a frontal impact and lyrics linked to the Italian horror/thrillers movies. A sinister character is crawling through our society. A mysterious murderer, innocent victims and morbid rage are the themes of a terrifying concept album. A song for each murder, a murder for each song. The title track “Nero Enigma (The beginning)” opens this obscure novel with its colossal riffs. [IODA]

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