The Flatliners: Carry The Banner

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Long story short? Ever since my late teenage years I’ve loved Fat Wreck Chords. Several years ago the punk-heavy label embraced podcasting and it was a minor dream come true. So, when they send an advance single from Ontario’s energetic punk trio The Flatliners, it was played at full volume repeatedly, then shared with you fine people!

Their new disc Cavalcade releases on April 13, 2010 and you can pre-order it here (get the color vinyl!)

Here’s what Flatliners vocalist Chris Cresswell had to offer about “Carry The Banner,” a tune with a special meaning:

Back in the Great Depression, responsible, successful men became vagrants. Everyone was cast out like an economic-turned-social eclipse. When these people without homes or any sentiments of hope couldn’t find a safe place to sleep at night during these trivial times, their only option left was to “carry the banner.” This meant they’d risk sleeping on the streets while trying to avoid being locked up for vagrant charges or worse, being killed.

We’re lucky enough to live in a time where the world is a bit more stable than it was back then, but people need to remember we’re not too far off from where we were back then. What we do with our lives – play music and travel the world – we basically live like homeless buskers for 8 months out of the year. Our new album Cavalcade was partly inspired by reading about those dire times during the Great Depression and realizing just how many parallels there are in these times we live in today. And our new song “Carry The Banner” fully embodies the theme of positivity in uncertain times. Negativity is overrated.

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(Thanks Vanessa!)

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