Secret Cities: Pink Graffiti Part 1

From Bright Teeth, the debut double A-side digital single from Secret Cities, released on Western Vinyl

Secret Cities: Pink Graffiti The band [formally known as White Foliage] began with 4-track cassette tapes flying through the mail back and forth between the Easternmost to the Westernmost borders of North Dakota. MJ Parker and Charlie Gokey were barely 15 when they met at band camp, but a shared love of psychedelia and scads of secret, unheard songs between them drew the pair together. Many years later, after the addition of drummer Alex Abnos Secret Cities has emerged with a cocktail of Spector-esque doe-eyed romanticism, electronic flourishes indebted to minimalist composers like Terry Riley, the noisy, art damaged sensibilities of late psych groups like The United States of America.


Coming soon is a full length release by the band – Pink Graffiti – June 2010


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