Red Pens: Hung Out

From the album Reasons on Grainbelt Records

Red Pens: Reasons Ah, cacophony – the blissfully unhinged sound of garage-y, lo-fi fun, the sonic equivalent of Minneapolis’ PBR-sticky club floors, and Red Pens’ best friend! These Midwesterners mean it, speaking almost exclusively in reverbed squeals, slap/feedback and the language of broken distortion pedals. Of course, while the Replacements are certainly a reference point for these songs, the quirks come quicker and the sonic oddities more often on the band’s debut, Reasons. The album is available February 16th on Grain Belt Records. Howard Hamilton III, string-bender extraordinaire and mastermind behind Red Pens does the birthplace of skuzzy blue collar rock proud on the LP, recorded in his apartment with an invigorating disregard for fidelity. Bolstered by the maniacal skin-pounding of Laura Bennet, the racket drummed up on the duo’s debut needs to be heard to be believed. [The Musebox]

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