Insomnia Radio #169: Format



From “Studio A” in San Luis Obispo, Jason shocks the world (and himself!) by deciding on a permanent format after only 168 shows, and discusses what is and isn’t coming down the IR feed.

We’ve also got 10 more amazing musical gems ranging from just-plain-bizarre to Americana to Industrial Rock. PLUS: A CD giveaway from Elephant M., and a rare dedication for the romantics in the room.

Crank it up, enjoy the variety, and keep spreading the word!

10 Reasons Insomnia Radio Exists:

  1. David Goo: Keep On Wishin’
  2. The Ride Theory: The Piper
  3. Drugstore Fanatics: You Got The Ball
  4. Elephant M.: She Plays | CD GIVEAWAY! => FACEBOOK LINK
  5. J.E.L.L.i: White Lines
  6. Benjy Davis Project: Mississippi
  7. Krister Axel: Holland Park Road
  8. Shayna Zaid & The Catch: Blow
  9. Dandelion Killers: You’ll Find Me In The Archives
  10. Still Time: The Girl I’ve Always Loved

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