I Come To Shanghai: Pass The Time

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What ties together NPR, Robert Ashley, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Podcasting, Jason Evangelho, and Insomnia Radio? I Come To Shanghai! Not really, but read on…
Ok, follow along if you dare.

Robert Ashley used to write words for Electronic Gaming Monthly until the excellent magazine tanked. He then turned his creative energy to “A Life Well Wasted,” an NPR style podcast about the culture of video games, with a quality bar so high this network nor most others can never hope to even glimpse it. “A Life Well Wasted” inspired yours truly to come back to podcasting, which resulted in this, but ultimately resulted in rejoining the ranks of Insomnia Radio full time, which in turn led to writing these words.

Ok, did you follow that? Sweet, let’s back up. The first 4 or 5 episodes of A Life Well Wasted featured some amazingly ambient and evocative music stitching the segments together. It wasn’t until we became hooked on this mysterious band that Ashley announced it was in fact HIS band, alongside co-conspirator Sam, called “I Come To Shanghai.”

Brilliant marketing, for the win. By the way, if you consider yourself a fan of podcasting, or simple entertaining documentaries, listen to A Life Well Wasted, video game fan or not…

Choose your price and download their entire album…It’s an experimental adventure, but I found myself enjoying most of it.

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