Eels: Gone Man [Explicit]

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Remember Pink Floyd’s “The Wall?” To many, self included, a start-to-finish listening session could leave you teetering on the edge of depression. Well friends, the Eels upcoming album “End Times” (Vagrant, January 19th) makes that rock opera sound like bubble gum pop.

“End Times” is brutally depressing. A soundtrack to magnify every failed relationship you’ve touched. While it’s the Eels 8th release, it could hardly be called a “studio album.” Frontman Mark Everett (commonly known as “E”) has (mostly on his own) reproduced a musical carbon copy of his broken soul with an old 4-track in his Los Angeles basement.

Make no mistake, the album is beautiful, if only because Everett’s raw pain from his recent divorce is so transparently put on display for the world to hear and pick apart. Just be damn sure you’re in the right mood.

Still, the disc’s upbeat track (I use that term loosely) “Gone Man” was a perfect choice for the Daily Dose. Stay tuned to Insomnia Radio #168 for the album’s closing song, guaranteed to rip out your heart and stomp all over it.

Be sure to visit the Eels official site to download “Little Bird” for free, and to PRE-ORDER “End Times.”

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