The Nadas: The Long Goodbye

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We have some upliftin pop for you all this Sunday; from The Nadas’ album Almanac, this is ‘The Long Goodbye’.

“For a band with 15 years behind us, The Nadas, we decided to try something completely new and innovative. With technology growing we decided to work with it and create a year-long recording project. Giving an all-access pass to you, the fans through our Internet blog, Almanac.

Our intention with this project is to capture the year of 2009, one month at a time in album form. By writing, recording, and releasing a new song each month, every month, for the next year, we hope to end up with a really cool snapshot of said year. We don’t intend to become ambulance chasers, or be glued to CNN for song inspiration, but there’s no denying that we’re constantly influenced by what is happening around us.

We believe these influences will come out in song in subtle ways and be a “record” of the year. A different way of looking back at what we experienced and maybe, hopefully, providing a soundtrack for 2009.

In the past, writing, recording and releasing a record took months, even years. Thanks to modern technology, we not only have the ability to share our music with our listeners (and the rest of the world) instantly, but we can also allow you, our listeners, to be a part of the entire process. Whether you’re interested in witnessing the songwriting process, or a behind–the–scenes look as the magic happens in the studio, we will be journaling the entire process on a special blog through written posts, photographs and video, as well as live streaming on the world wide giga web. So, for those of you with attention spans and interest levels high enough to still be reading, we bring you the Almanac.” [Cyber PR]

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