The Aimless Never Miss: Heart Surgery

From the “Tran EP”

Tran The Aimless Never Miss – from San Francisco – showcase their distinctive sound and approach on their self-titled debut released September 14 from Devil in the Woods. What began as a solo project in Cotati, CA, for singer/songwriter Jon Latimer grew into a full-on band with a rotating door of musicians and songwriters contributing to the mix. After a 2006 re-location to San Francisco a more consistent lineup has emerged along with a continuing series of successes.

Current lineup
Jonny (guitars, vocals)
Macy (bass, literary sojourns)
Eric (percussion, guitar, mouth trumpet)
Judd (Visuals, Photography)
Winston (percussion, trumpet, loud clapping),
Ross (guitars, moog, piano, vocals, occasioned clapping)
Rosie (moog, piano, vocals, heavy clapping),
Adam (Engineer, keys, other shiny things)
Nate (Bass, snacks, and good times)


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