Night Noise Team: Menolick

Night Noise Team’s first single ‘MENOLICK’ will be released on 30th November. It will be available on download only from iTunes and

Night Noise Team The band consists of Sean Ormsby from Belfast on vocals and guitar, Fabien Pinardon from Paris on bass, Marco Morelli from Milan on guitar and drummer Mike Walker from Dunfermline. Currently based in Edinburgh, Night Noise Team has been busy gigging around the UK and building on the momentum created by well-received debut album ‘Ronde de Nuit’ (Permwhale Recordings). NNT has also been featured on Radio 1 and various podcasts.

There are strong musical and cultural crosscurrents in this band but, as Sean concludes, ‘Our sound has a pop heart, ‘pop nous’ as one reviewer put it. We believe in sharp songwriting and artful production.’

‘Menolick’ is the perfect calling card for this pan-European quartet.


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