Plank: Patchwork

PlankPLANK (formerly Plank63) was formed in the Fall of 2000 in Boston, and today we felt like zipping back to 2004 to showcase a quality track called ‘Patchwork’ by this Massachusetts based group.

With the release of their 2004 CD, Symmetry, ‘Patchwork’ remained in the Top 3 of the Hard Rock category of for a record-breaking length of time. They have received countless national and international inquiries about them and their music. Scores of companies releasing compilation CDs have sought out to include Patchwork in their marketing materials. It’s even been adopted by some local sports organizations as a their unofficial theme song.

The band prides itself on being more than just a solid writing and recording machine, but a powerful dominating live act to be reckoned with too. Much of their reputation has been spread due to their intense and exhausting live show, where they adopted the saying: “Bring it and leave everything you’ve got onstage.” They are something to see and experience, not just heard. [bio]


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