IR Horrorlando 2009 mixtape

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It’s almost Halloween, and that means it’s time for Insomnia Radio Horrorlando! This year’s installment is a mixtape of some favorites from the last three years’ worth of Halloween episodes. Enjoy!


1. Peach Stealing Monkeys “Monster”
2. The Threshold People “Radio Zombi”
3. Jonathan Coulton “Re: Your Brains”
4. Get Three Coffins Ready “The Cemetery”
5. Last Call Brawlers “Los Muertos Rock”
6. The Green Goblyn Project “Devilskin Suitcase”
7. Derek Lyn Plastic “Walk the Dead”
8. Hex Tremors “Jezabel”
9. Rocket 88 “Mission Control”
10. The Obscene “Ultraviolent”
11. Johnny O & the Jerks “Zombie Love Affair”
12. The Young Werewolves “Black Cat”
13. Koko Taylor “Voodoo Woman”
14. Voodoo Hodown “Voodoo Dance”
15. Lords of Altamont “Gods and Monsters”
16. Black Furies “Murder City Shakedown”
17. Calabrese “Zombie I”
18. The Coffinshakers “Halloween (remix)”
19. The Gremmies “That Voodoo Moon”
20. The Memphis Murder Men “In the Dead of Night”
21. Lugosi’s Morphine “Graves”

Some of the music for this show was provided¬† by Mevio’s Music Alley.

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CD cover (print and fold)

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