Akron/Family: River

Akron FamilyIf you are familiar with Akron/Family, you will know they are a folk-influenced experimental rock band that formed in 2002, and its members currently live in New York City and Williamsport, Pennsylvania. All of the band members play several instruments and sing, as evidenced by their shows and recorded material: Live, the band uses improvisation and three-part harmonies in prominence. On their self-titled debut record, field recordings of a creaking chair, thunderclaps and the white noise of a television find their way alongside psychedelic and electronic elements, guitars and a glockenspiel. [wiki]

The trio’s latest album, entitled Set ‘Em Wild, Set Em Free was released May 5, 2009  – their first for Dead Oceans Records.  Currently the front page of their website has a nice video complementing the title track – basically horses running around their pen with the song underneath, but ultimately worth a view to put you in the mood for the rest of their gorgeous folk laced album.


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