AMPed New Music Weekly: Show #199

AMPed: Show #199

This week’s host: Dave from The Bugcast

Show: The Bugcast
Song: Get On The Bus (Q*Ball)

Show: Insomnia Radio
Song: Black Wax (Dananananaykroyd)

Show: Ourobouros Podcast
Song: House Of Frauds (Dead World Leaders)

Show: Eclectic Mix
Song: Not A Planet (Don Alder)

Show: It’s A Frog’s Life Acoustic Podcast
Song: Captain Kidd (Great Big Sea)

Show: The Electrical Language Podcast
Song: Signs (LoveLikeFire)

Show: Indie Music Sampler
Song: For You (Peter Bradley Adams)

Show: The Justin Wayne Show
Song: Ocean Passage (Projekt)

Show: Darkhorse Radio
Song: Under The Stars (Shattered Atom)

Show: PC Podcast with Pete Cogle
Song: Domino (Spiral Beach)

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