The Sleepover Disaster: Friend

The Sleepover DisasterThere is something to be said about dedication and hard work and The Sleepover Disaster are the embodiment of such a feat. The Fresno, California-based three piece have hit their stride with their first nationally distributed release “Hover” after self releasing a number of critically acclaimed efforts and self booked tours criss-crossing the United States. The band’s focus and effort have paid off with “Hover”.

Blending a rich mix of swirling, lush guitars that build a wall of sound that carries their intelligent lyrics over the top of a solid back beat, The Sleepover Disaster have taken it to the next level. They like to call is “nogaze”—taking the roots of the shoegaze scene of the early 90s and giving it a 21st century twist that shows an appreciation for the past but with the band’s head firmly in the future. [ioda]


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HoverThe Sleepover Disaster
“Friend” (mp3)
from “Hover”
(Devil in the Woods)

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