Gazpacho: Winter is Never

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GazpachoDescribed by one critic as being “classical post ambient nocturnal atmospheric neo-progressive folk world rock,” Norway’s Gazpacho is virtually impossible to contain in any set genre of music, though bands like Sigur Rós, Muse, Talk Talk and Porcupine Tree have been named in reference to them. Their newest work is no exception to this and has haunted speakers since it was recently released in their home country. Now set for release in the United States and Canada on October 13th on the Dismanic label, Gazpacho’s latest, a concept album appropriately entitled Tick Tock has the pendulum-like power to entrance and hypnotize its listeners with its various entities intertwining to yield an eerie and captivating product.

On December 29th 1935 a plane crashes in the Egyptian desert. The French writer Antoine Saint-Exupéry is the pilot. His planned record flight from Paris to Saigon ends in the vast sand dunes of Sahara. He wanders through the desert for five days, in the end meandering between Fata Morgana and a monotonous reality. His book Wind, Sand and Stars is a classic, and its interpretation by Gazpacho, Tick Tock, is a journey through human emotions, from the unhappy departure, the wandering through the Sahara and the rescue. Euphoria, despair, defiance, fear of dying and humility. The ticking of the clock, the rhythmic foundation symbolizing both the beating of the heart and the eternal monotony of the desert, interrupted only by vibrating air and the endless sky above the desperate wanderer.

Gazpacho’s first three albums Bravo, When Earth Lets Go, and Firebird were launched entirely on their own merit and awareness spread by word-of-mouth throughout the world. It didn’t take long before they had debuted in the Dutch indie charts at #6, hit #1 three times on, won international songwriter competitions, got national radio spins in several countries, and made year-end top 10 lists in various media outlets.

While on tour in 2004 they were noticed by Intact Records, who were overwhelmed by the audience’s positive reaction to the band. Seeking to capitalize on Gazpacho’s potential, Intact launched Firebird and licensed the back catalogue.

The band’s next release Night (2007) showed a departure from the short song format of the previous albums, and instead consists of one long 50-minute conceptual piece, divided into five parts. This deviation into a more distinguished sound has progressed even further in their latest release…

…now crank up the volume, prepare to be submerged in the chilling sound waves of Tick Tock, and try to stay afloat. []

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