Inside View: Judas

July 15th, 2009

Today’s IR Daily Dose is a special one folks – we’re promoting the release of Inside View’s EP Underneath the Stars, which is available now for the low price of nothing at all! They’re doing this for #faibw (the Twitter hashtag phenomenon also known as #followanindiebandwednesday– if you don’t know it then get involved people!). Get your hands on their free EP here! I reviewed the EP a few months ago, so here it is again…

Inside View Hailing from Wigan in the UK, Inside View are a band that are not afraid to be a little different. Their second EP ‘Underneath the Stars’ mixes indie rock with tunes that are unabashedly poppy to create a work that is varied, emotive and very memorable.The whole EP is heavily laden with rich, close vocal harmonies, simple yet solid guitar work, varied, textured songs and has an emotional side that they’re not ashamed to show. ‘Underneath the Stars’ takes you from rock, to happy dancy pop, through a love song that’s just the right side of cheesy and ends on an heartfelt yet upbeat tune with a chorus that will stay in your head for hours. 

From within a scene of serious indie rockers, Inside View are going against the grain and are making music that’s a bit emotional, a bit soulful and quite a bit poppy, but they balance it out with great song-craft, catchy hooks and some good solid rock. It’s refreshing, different, admirable and so damn catchy that you’ll have no choice but to like it!

Inside View are playing Whatfest in Cheshire, UK this Sunday (19th), and Bar Music Hall in London on July 22nd.


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