Walk the Moon: Stone Cold Fox

Walk the Moon

Walk the Moon is a soulful indie-rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio, whose sound evokes traces of the Police, XTC, ELO, Squeeze, and the Killers. Nicholas Petricca, 21, sings lead, writes, and plays keyboards, synth, and keytar. He and Adam Reifsnyder (bass, vocals), after playing and writing together in various groups since 2006, formed the band in January 2008.

In regards to releases, Walk the Moon has The Anthem EP under their belt, a collaboration with producer/engineer Erwin Musper (David Bowie, Elton John, Van Halen).

“Stone Cold Fox” is one of the songs on Anthem and was written while they were in college singing in rival acapella groups:  The song had begun with a simple proto-reggae riff that we had flipped upside-down into a downbeat-heavy rock groove.

In 2009, the band will be recording a full-length album with Thoma and Hogarth and tour into the fall to support its release. Keep listening, watch out for WtM, and don’t be afraid to dance. [bio]


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