the fictions: le traitor

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And so, the Fictions descended upon the world of men, bleating their war cry, “Le Traitor,” as their foes hastily met them on the battlefield. However, in a confusing turn of events, what was to be the greatest war fought by man and beast spontaneously erupted into a Kool-Aid fueled Tetris party. Man, Beast and Fiction alike played Tetris for what seemed like weeks when suddenly, the would-be conquerers vanished without a trace. The newly crowned Tetris Champion addressed the people of earth asking, “who were those men?”

“That is a difficult question,” answered a shy lass, “for once they were few but later became many.”

“Go on,” replied the Tetris master.

“All I do know that Josh Adachi was their lead singer, and played rhythm guitar, and that Juan Lopez sang as well as he played keyboards. I know that Damin Suarez beat upon the drums, and that his brother, Rion sang and played the guitar… or was it bass… that is difficult to say, for I also met a Steve Hinton and an Anthony Kava who played four-stringed instruments of deep tones.”

“What else do you know?” demanded the Lord of Tetris, losing his patience.

“Only that there was a man named Josh McCool who claimed to play the guitar as well, except…”

“Except what?”

“Except he appeared to be equally content to strangle his instrument, or jar it against stone.”

The Tetris King sighed, for he knew not the families of these men, and would have no means to send them his gratitude. As he turned to address the mass of people left in the wake of the carousal, he drew a deep breath.

“From this day forth, I decry,” began the Tetris King, clearly overstepping the authority of his office, “that across the land it be known… that those guys were pretty bad ass.”

And the people rejoiced.

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