Adam Faucett: Salton Sea

hh1After putting out two records under the name taught the rabbits – “one but just another” (2002) & “mallet and watch” (2005) – Adam Faucett comes to the Bluetint Records Family after doing almost 100 shows in 2007 throughout the south, mid west and western united states. Trying to be an honest artist, writing for those who are honestly bored with sights and sounds for children. Adam says a “true space cadet has little need for songs about obscure possibilities but longs for pretty reminders of the ground that wouldn’t keep them.”

By the way, Chicago’s Bluetint Records boasts another artist we dig: Admiral Twin.

Today’s track is the haunting “Salton Sea” taken from Adam’s “The Great Basking Shark.” We’ll be exploring Faucett’s more recent music in an upcoming episode of Insomnia Radio.


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