Simplifires: Last Night’s Party

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Just in time for Cinco De Mayo, up pops the Mexico City based four-piece indie rock band ‘Simplifires’;  oddly enough one part Irish, and three parts Mexican – a pretty interesting but oddly workable combination of ethnicities for today’s tequila-hazed whistle blowing festivities.

Simplifires have used the border-beating channels of the Internet to achieve serious rock buzz across North America – and it’s paying off. Those of us watching the band rise from an English-speaking band in Mexico, opening for the likes of Ratatat, to trans-continental stardom are ready to catch them at the cusp of shattering through the next level.

Simplifires are simply an unchallenging pleasure. Tracks like “Why People Make Countries” instantly hark U2 dynamics and New Wave rock, but daveO’s voice and Simplifires’ groove is unlike anything from their influences. Instead being guided by the sound of others, they define an approach to songwriting based on musicianship alone, throwing everything in the mix and sewing together everything that works well. You can’t go wrong with that! []

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