Sister Suvi: Claymation

These are people who understand the word "fun"

Yes, folks, another band from Montreal deserves your attention. (checks notes…damn, the whole “great musicianship is in the water” thing has been done to death…)

Formed in 2005 with a strong DIY ethic, and much ukulele love, Sister Suvi began touring immediately. In 2006 they released “The Colour EP” with engineer and friend Mark Lawson (The Unicorns, Arcade Fire). The rest of the obligatory bio is a laundry list of indie superstars, perfectly timed strokes of brilliance and luck, and tons of touring.

Cut to April 14th, 2009: Their new album “Now I Am Champion” is beyond buzzworthy, the harmonies are delicious, the melodies are simultaneously abrasive and catchy, and the 3 piece take several sonic risks that pay off with repeat listening.

Best of all, Sister Suvi and their label Common Cloud have adopted a “donate what you want” mentality for the new full length – but rewards await the more generous donations…

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