I Was Totally Destroying It: Get in Line

I Was Totally Destroying It
I WAS TOTALLY DESTROYING IT was born in the early months of 2007 in Durham/Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Booker and drummer James Hepler both come from over a decade of experience in the local scene( Hepler from the Saddle Creek Records act Sorry About Dresden, Booker from bands such as Strunken White, io, and also with Hepler- Erie Choir and En Garde).

When Booker’s songwriting project, En Garde, dissolved in late 2006, he and Hepler found new friends in keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist Rachel Hirsh, bassist Martin Anderson, and guitarist Curtis Armstead. “We all come from completely different backgrounds and experience levels and are all at different places in our lives, but it works and Rachel, Martin, and Curtis were the secret weapons that James and I needed to re-ignite our desire to play this music”, says Booker. “Everyone brings something vital to the table, and while we may be coming from different angles, we all share a love of North Carolina’s musical history, and an affinity for catchy, simple-yet-epic rock and roll. Oh, and all 80’s pop.”

IWTDI released their debut self titled full length in October 2007, and then followed up with an EP in 2008 which is now available as a free download via the Reverb Nation link below.  Expect a new full length in 2009.


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