AMPed New Music Weekly: Show #169

This week’s host: Rich Palmer from Audio Gumshoe

Show: Cowboy Cantor
Song: Ten O’Clock Murder (This Year’s Model)

Show: Suffolk And Cool
Song: Drip Dryin’ (The Two Man Gentleman Band)

Show: Eclectic Mix
Song: Cary Grant (Kristin Mainhart)

Show: Indie Music Sampler
Song: Be Your Soldier (Marina V)

Show: Dave’s Lounge
Song: Line (Feels Like Something)

Show: The Dub Zone
Song: Sardinia Dub Legalize (Sardinia Dub Legalize)

Show: The JogTunesIndie Podcast
Song: Lost On Block Island (Matthew Ebel)

Show: Insomnia Radio: The SoCal Sessions
Song: The Unmaking (Threadspinner)

Show: showcase55
Song: Oh My Day’s (Steve McBrayne)

Show: Ourobouros Podcast
Song: Pretty Brutal (Take Aim Fire)

Show: Audio Gumshoe
Song: Hello Hello (Geoff Smith)