SexTapes™: Trainwreck

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SexTapesHollywood based group, SexTapes™ is self-described as sounding like a modern mixture of Jane’s Addiction, Led Zeppelin, and Queen, consisting of co-writer/founding member Kelly Wheeler on guitars, Marko Fox on bass, Ryan Brown on the drums and co-writer/producer Chris Pitman on lead vocals and guitar synth.

What you may not know is that SexTapes™ front man, Chris Pitman is also a member of the legendary rock band Guns N’ Roses. Between playing multiple instruments (for studio recording and live in concert), co-writing and co-producing for the new GNR album, “Chinese Democracy,” he is also a co-writer with front man Axl Rose on the song, “If The World,” in the new Warner Bros. Pictures and Ridley Scott film, Body Of Lies. The interrelated relationship between the two bands means that all in-store SexTapes™ will also be available along with GNR at stores near you.

In fact, in addition to the GNR tie, the resume of the first three members shows a shared musical history with less than a “six degrees of separation” scenario. You see, prior to Jane’s Addiction, Wheeler had played bass with his then roommate Perry Ferrell in Psi-com, a regular in the L.A. underground scene in the mid-80s. Afterwards he brought on Karmageddon with drummer Danny Carey, now of Tool notoriety. Pitman, too, had been in various bands with his University of Missouri Conservatory of Music bro, Carey, both in their defiant K.C. days, and later in Zaum (along with Fox), adding synth textures on Tool’s multiplatinum album “Aenima.”

With their debut album two years in the making, SexTapes™ is ready to rock. With the addition of Brown, the band moved from a garage into a spacious studio lockout in North Hollywood. There they began cherry-picking from the early demos, keeping in mind their goal of creating an originally addictive record. In 2006, the drum tracks were laid down, with Wheeler and Fox also tracking their parts with Pitman’s production. Finally back from being on the road with Guns N’ Roses, Pitman recorded the lead vocals, afterwards enduring the meticulous process of adding multiple layers and roughly shimmering guitar-synths, which, at times, are reminiscent of his masterful arrangements on Lusk’s “Free Mars.”  [bio]

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