AMPed New Music Weekly: Show #160

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This week’s host: Alan from Darkhorse Radio

Show: Atlantic Wave Radio
Song: Better Off Alone (Daydream On Autopilot)

Show: Indie Music Sampler
Song: Kim Cladas (Maybe If I Leave You)

Show: The Pillar Cast
Song: New Year’s Day (Lisa Redford)

Show: PC Podcast with Pete Cogle
Song: Seeing Hands (Dengue Fever)

Show: Suffolk And Cool
Song: The Galway Fiddler (Linda Welby)

Show: Insomnia Radio: The SoCal Sessions
Song: Count to Ten (Brenda Xu)

Show: The DarkCompass Metal Show
Song: Forever (In This Moment)

Show: Mevio Radio
Song: Ghostflowers (OTEP)

Show: It’s A Frog’s Life Acoustic Podcast
Song: Pour Me A Drink (Edwina Heyes)

Show: The Electrical Language Podcast
Song: 14 Days (Science for Girls)

Show: Cowboy Cantor
Song: Oh My Love (Inara George)

Show: showcase55
Song: Townie (Lola Johnson)

Show: Darkhorse Radio
Song: Chained to You (MARIA DAINES (with Paul Killington))