IR SoCal Welcomes: Ox – LA City

Ox - LA CityAbout a year ago, I was talking to Leo Cain at the TLP Show about occasionally featuring bands from other areas who were writing songs about the area that we live in. Its definitely refreshing to see others views on the region you were raised in; some who have visited, some who’ve only seen the Southern California area via TV, movies, and other media.

Examining that theme we bring you a track by Canada’s alt-country stylized project, Ox, a favorite from their 2003 album, Dust Bowl Revival.  Ox is basically Mark Browning, a one man show who wrote a really great solitary album full of introspective tunes.

Maintaining a grass roots approach – Ox has done it the hard way – thousands of miles in cramped mini-vans… countless nights spent bedding down on floors, couches… pool tables… bad food, stale beer – blown tires, road kill. Ox’s sound is the sound of the open road – from not far above it.

You can pick this one up at iTunes or e-music. Oh bye bye…