iProng Magazine: Insomnia Radio Interview

iProng #25 - Interview with Insomnia RadioCharles here.  Recently I had the great opportunity to answer some questions asked of me by Bill Palmer, the editor in chief of iProng, the publication for iPhone, iPod, music, podcasting, and social media lovers.

In this first landmark issue #25 (released today), he asks about five questions detailing the network’s modest beginnings, how the Southern California show started, some of the legalities surrounding podcasting, and what type of music we feature. Feel free to take a look at the article by checking out the .pdf file at the link below.

Contents: cover story interview with Weezer • hands-on looks at external iPhone batteries and the new iPod nano • podcaster spotlight with Insomnia Radio• interviews with Anberlin, Curtis Peoples, and Kina Grannis • on-site report from PodCamp Philly • podcaster spotlight with Extra Points • iTunes album, television, and movie reviews plus iPhone app reviews

iProng #25 (Go Here to Read)
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