New Media Expo: 2008 [Las Vegas Recap]

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This last week, the New Media Expo arrived for the fourth time at its new home, the Las Vegas Convention Center. For the newly named 2008 Expo, I had the pleasure of staying with fellow content producer from Detroit, Mikel OD of Most People are DJ’s and Steve from Geek Cred next door to the main Hilton property.

Mikel and I thought it might be nice to record a bit in the sweltering 110 degree heat, so we brought the recorder along poolside during happy hour each day for a bit of quick relaxed thoughts about the festival, nothing too deep – just a bit of kick back banter and a few SoCal music recommendations that I thought Mikel’s audience might enjoy.

On the first day of the Expo I had the honor of speaking on an iProng Magazine panel on the convention floor next to CC Chapman, Brian Ibbott of Coverville, Ariel Hyatt (Ariel Cyber PR), and musician Natalie Gelman. The topic stretched from promoting your podcast, to promoting yourself online as an independent musician.

ChanceWe also attended the Coverville 500 concert on Saturday where we saw some of the best performances being offered in Vegas that night, including IR favorites, Chance & The Choir (see video clip below). Overall, we had a great time, possibly due to the added distraction value that Vegas brings to the mix. While this was nice, I can also see that as being a detriment as it drags community away from a centralized meeting place after-hours or even during the event(s).

You can check out the MPAD #157 (NME 08 Recapisode) episode at the link below. Give Mikel OD some love. He’s got a great show folks!

More shout-outs: Dave Warner (Dave’s Lounge), Seth Harwood, the Revision 3 peeps, Anji Bee & Ryan Lum (Lovespirals), Dan Diamond and Elsie’s Yoga Kula


Chance & The Choir Video Link (Vimeo)
Chance & The Choir VIdeo Link 2 (Vimeo)
Chance & The Choir Video Link 3 (Flickr)
Geoff Smith w/ Leo LaPorte (Vimeo)