The Shipman Project: Cradle


Lancaster, Northwest United Kingdom

Deep in the warm wet bloody bowels of the Shipman Manor, five captives lay strewn upon the floor in varying degrees of mortal agony. T’was there in that seething hive that their bond was forged. Their battered and broken carcass’ were plucked from their fatal demise my the fair maiden, known to many, as Torr.
She then locked them away again, but with good in her heart. Fulfilling their every need, she nursed them back to health.
Standing before her, stood the galant and ever ready quintet. A small cowering voice from the back of the room emerged, it was Torr’s goblin slave, Pedro. “But what shall we call them mistress?”, he asked hesitantly.

“We shall call them, The Shipman Project”


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