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Aaron Mansfield – Try

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At 11 years old, Aaron Mansfield picked up a guitar and started strumming as loud as possible at a local guitar shop, having no clue what a chord was or how to coordinate his hands to do two different things. He believed he found his passion at that moment. At 13, Aaron was playing at his church, coffee houses and at friend’s houses at any opportunity he had. On an overnight plan, Aaron packed up and moved away from the “townie” lifestyle. In an effort to move his career forward, Aaron took his music to the world playing two weeks in Italy.

Aaron’s obsession is to connect through music. He has the drive and ambition that many musicians could dream of.

“I write and sing my songs because…I just do, if people like the songs and shows, that’s awesome. That’s what I want, but it’s a sweet thing doing this for no other reason than because it’s my passion.”

Currently, Aaron is one of the most genuine independent singer/songwriters in the industry right now. He consistently brings cordial songs that anyone can comprehend through his pop/rock music.

Artist – Aaron Mansfield

Track – Try

CD – Portrait of Me – Buy It!

Aaron Mansfield – Try mp3