IR: SoCal Spotlight – Moss Bluff

Moss BluffToday we focus our show spotlight on a well deserving independent band from the Little Armenia area of Los Angeles, Moss Bluff!

Bandmembers Travis Knight and Hugh Price came together in 2004 in Florida, then eventually teamed up with Grammy winning producer/mixer Paul McKenna to create their first LP entitled Sharpes Ferry Road. This LP had guest appearances from LA based Oliver Future and Rose’s Pawn Shop members, whom you may have heard on Insomnia Radio in the past. Jonah David (Matisyahu) also rounds out their new bill!

We are proud to bring you a new demo track that the band recently put the final touches on, and which they passed onto us recently out in Texas. The track is called ‘Elegant’ and is apparently planned for release on their next album.

The other two tracks, ‘Sidewalk Diving’, and ‘Agent Orange’ are available on their MySpace site through SnoCap.

1) Sidewalk Diving
2) Elegant (demo)
3) You’ve Been Had By Agent Orange


5/15/08 – House of Blues Parish Room
6/19/08 – House of Blues Parish Room
7/17/08 – House of Blues Parish Room