Olaus – Perfect is a Myth

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Olaus is a guitarist and songwriter who hails from the Chicagoland area and has been writing and performing since before the turn of the millenia. His current full-length album, Abort, features a wide array of songwriting styles and musical palattes encompassing guitar-driven classic rock, dusty sidewalk folk, and bright summertime pop. Featuring instantly memorable melodic hooks and deft phrasings, these are the kind of songs you find yourself humming the next day; songs of a committed craftsman with a core of pure feeling, sung in a pitch-perfect baritone/tenor as expressive as the guitarwork that supports it. These songs are raucous celebrations, heartbreaking elegies, blissful fantasias and savage double-edged accusations, incisive examinations of tattered relationships and enduring friendships, with lyrics that consistently avoid cliche in favor of fresh metaphor and dazzling poetic power, delivered in energetic and passionate live performance.

-Aaron Young

a note from O-

I fluctuate wildly between pride and hatred of this project, which is one of the uderlying themes tying all these tracks together. My indecision. Incapability. Fear of success, fear of commitment, and fear of failure all in one. Abort is my expression of abandonment issues in the abstract; abandonment I have both dealt and felt when dealt to me. Hopefully it’s catchy enough to make up for being such a convoluted pile of… pop.

Artist – Olaus

Track – Perfect is a Myth

Album – Abort

Olaus – Perfect is a Myth mp3