The Dreaming – Bleed

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The Dreaming
The Dreaming’s frontman Christopher Hall formed The Dreaming in 2002 following the breakup of his previous band, Stabbing Westward, which had some success in the mid- to late-‘90s and recorded one of my essential albums, Darkest Days (1998). Guitarists and bassists have come and gone since the band started, and only former Econoline Crush drummer Jonny Haro (who also spent a brief period as a touring drummer for Stabbing Westward) has gone the distance with Hall. The lineup now includes former Amen guitarist Jinxx, guitarist Carlton Bost and bassist Brent Ashley.

This song is from their debut album: Etched in Blood. However, the band has been quite busy in the past 6 years – they have self-released four EPs, played a handful of Warped Tour dates and toured the country with Ill Niño and Godhead. They also had a song on the Elektra movie soundtrack in 2005.

They’re currently finishing up their 3 month long nation wide tour which ends in Phoenix, AZ on April 29th.

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