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Hey everyone!

To all the bands, record companies and managers! I just wanted to let you guys know that I have the oportunity in becoming a DJ on an online radio station! I will not get paid for this! It is a commercial free radio station. I just wanted to put this out there. If you are ok or not ok with me playing your music on the station please let me know. This is another way to get free publicity for your music to hopefully even more people! If you are interested in checking out the station website here is the link – I am planning on streaming IR Chicago through them!

To IR Chicago listeners this will mean more content more often! This will be a two hour show every week! This will also give the bands more opportunity for airplay and you and more listeners a chance to hear their music! What I am asking from you, the listener, is some feedback! What I was thinking was split the show into two parts, an hour each. Then either you get IR Chicago twice a week or pt 1 one week and the other the following week! Send me an email to and tell me what you prefer! Just in the subject line put listener poll! Or leave me a comment here!

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