SXSW: Quick Check-in from Austin

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The SXSW Music Festival has really been an experience unlike no other, with overlapping bands playing in every available space within the space of several city blocks. Its musical gluttony at its finest.

I’m moving into day four of the festival, and honestly having trouble getting ANY blogging or recording done due to my hotel’s proximity away from the downtown area, Austin’s lack of cabs, and the overflowing music menu that was presented to me causing severe ADD.

I’ve forgone all panels, as I’d rather watch music than talking heads, having seen about forty groups over the three days I’ve been here. I’m even debating whether I want to shlep around swag today due to the ridiculous amount of walking that I’ve been doing. Mixed with the heat, and most of the time, alcohol, you are fully exhausted by day’s end.

There are lots of legends here. I ran into John Doe from X yesterday while waiting in line for food, and saw Mick Jones perform yesterday. Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols and Lou Reed are also apparently here, not to mention several groups you might have heard of from the past, such as the UK based The Wedding Present or The English Beat. David Gedge (of tWP) stopped and asked to look at my map a few days back, which was a total trip. I believe he was looking for ‘Oasis’, most likely a street in town, but definitely made me do a double take.

I’ve been spending an hour or two each day laboriously loading the pics of the festival into Flickr from an old laptop that keeps freezing. There is a lot to say, but for now I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Time to go find a cab and see what the final day has in store.