Insomnia Radio, Signing Off

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This is an emotional post to write, and as such it’s going to be stripped down to the essence. I have battled this decision for awhile, but I have to say goodbye to my show, and to all of you amazing hardcore indie fans, and move on. Hopefully you all realize there is no RIGHT time to do this, just the NECESSARY time.

In the past 3 months I have resigned from what I thought would be a successful business venture for the network and myself, been screwed to the tune of over $20, 000, been handed divorce papers, left home, and lost my beloved grandfather. Yea, this is the distilled version of course…

But as they say, something’s gotta give.

I feel as if I should dedicate 5000 words to defending this decision, I feel I owe that to you. But I’m exhausted, and I’m going to ask that you trust me, that this is literally the only option that feels right in my life. You would think Insomnia Radio would bring me sanity, excitement, comfort, but that’s not the case. And though I DID really enjoy recording the last 2 episodes, I just can’t get that back. So much of what’s happened over the past year with Thimble media has unfortunately spoiled it all for me.

The emails never end, the packages never end, the maintenance never ends, the promotion never ends.

I’ve had my success with the show, and while it’s not monetary, I’m ok with that. It changed lives, literally at times, and propelled many individuals and many bands into better places. Those of you reading this, it’s my sincere hope that it’s had a positive impact on you as well.

Look, it’s not all sour grapes and depressing goodbyes. Our regional shows live on, and now that I feel I can be completely honest with you – two of them deserve to take over my show. IR: SoCal & IR: Chicago. Charles & Kara are ridiculously dedicated, have impeccable taste in music, and have the passion for all of this that I have simply lost. (This isn’t to say our other shows are equally good, but these two are in your face all the time!) You may see their content on the IR proper feed soon. I haven’t decided what to do, but I will say NOT to unsubscribe. I wouldn’t mind grabbing the mic on occasion.

I guess I could go on for pages. Bottom line: Thanks for believing, thanks for listening, thanks for spreading the word. Now, please redirect your attention to several other regional shows who are more than deserving of your ears.

Can’t think of anything else, and this was more difficult than I thought.

Keep it loud, keep it indie, and stay real;

Jason Evangelho