New site, looking for more music!

Hey music junkie! First time here? Click over to and get all of our content (tons of music) delivered for free. Enjoy your time here, and keep it loud!

Hope you all are enjoying the new site – I am! It’s a HUGE improvement over the previous one, and I think it’s much easier to find all that Insomnia Radio has to offer.

Now, as for Insomnia Radio:Detroit – we need more music! If you’re a band from the south eastern side of Michigan, the metro Detroit area – submit your music! It’s easy to do, even easier than before. Send it to me in an email and say: “I want my music on Insomnia Radio:Detroit!” Or something to that effect! That’s it! No forms to fill out, nothing to read – just free promotion for your music, simple and easy.

Where to send? Email to DETROIT at INSOMNIARADIO dot NET – just replace the “at” and “dot” with their keyboard equivalents!!!

Hope to see your submission soon!