IR: San Francisco #54 – Psychedelic Celebration, Pt III (Enhanced)

It’s time once again to celebrate the modern psychedelic. Some say the psychedelic aesthetic was born here in the SF Bay Area. Others will argue it started in Orange County with the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, while others still will argue that Liverpool’s own The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band started it all.

No matter… while Brian and Paul were having their pissing contest back in the 60’s, they nonetheless helped jump-start off a movement that obviously resonates today. Enjoy!

Luminous Orange: Every Single Child
The Most Serene Republic: Sherry and Her Butterfly Net
Solar Powered People: Commercial Flight
Eux Autres: Molly
Jake Mann: Daytime Ghost
Dengue Fever: Seeing Hands

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